Chairman's Message​

“As a company, in a very short time, de Khon’s substantial growth in market position and product marketing has built a solid foundation for continued product and business expansion. As a strong believer of customer focused approach, if there is one thing de Khon is all about is that we are a team obsessed with customer welfare. That is why we focus on knowledge based scientific promotion of quality products, and are building a strong commercial business with an exciting future. Since our launch, we have received significant appreciation from doctors and patients.

With this customer obsession in our DNA, de Khon is made up of team members and collaborators who are committed to bring new products to the market, build stakeholder value, and create an exciting, challenging and competitive work environment. As you tour our website and product range, I hope you are as inspired by visiting them as we have been in building them.”

Dr. Faisal Q. Khokhar

MBA, MCL, PhD, Sloan
London Business School
Harvard Kennedy School