Natural herbs that help protect vision

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There are several herbs found freely in nature that not only help in providing sharper and clearer vision, but also protect the eyes against conditions that, if not treated, can lead to blindness. If these herbs are added to your diet or taken as medications for varying conditions, they can help to protect your vision.

● Fennel: This is largely used in cases where the eyes become teary and swollen. Occasionally, fennel can be used to treat certain severe cases like cataract.

● Ginkgo Biloba: This herb is used to prevent degeneration of the macula and, in some cases, it prevents increased intraocular pressure, also known as glaucoma.

● Eyebright: If you have ever had conjunctivitis, you would generally agree how unpleasant it is. This herb is used to treat conjunctivitis and swollen eyes both in adults and children.

● Saffron: Often used in the kitchen, saffron has tremendous benefits which includes; improved vision and prevention of vision loss in elderly people.

● Bilberries: These help you see in different lighting conditions. Bilberries also improve your night vision.

● Green tea: If you have ever undergone a weight loss regimen, you are no stranger to the powers of green tea. Apart from it’s antioxidant abilities, Green tea helps in clearing swollen circles around the eye.

● Turmeric: This herb helps to prevent eye problems by oxidation of the lens in the eye.

● Grapeseed: The products derived from this seed contain antihistamine and antioxidants. It also contains phytochemicals which promote eye health.

● Goldenseal: This is often used to irrigate the eyes and it treats irritations on the surface of the eye.

Adding these natural herbs to your daily diet can result in significant improvement in vision over long run. Taking a proactive approach to protecting your vision can help safeguard from various eye conditions.

Consuming too much of certain herbs can cause health problems. Always check with your doctor before taking a herbal supplement.